Welcome to UnZIP the Runway

Photographed by Terrance Angelo | Muse Tera

Creators in Fashion.....Create Your Career in-between work, school, family and ooh guess what......You don't have to live in a state known for fashion to start and thrive in your career. It starts with YOU deciding what you want and then YOU putting forth the action to bring your goals and dreams to life. Let's Create it!



Unzip the Runway

UnZIP the Runway, is where we "UnZIP and Create". 

It's a platform for creators who

  • Are highly interested in the fashion world, but are wondering if they can have a sustainable career in it.
  • Are trying to find the time to advance and develop their skill
  • Are wanting to bring their visions to life, but feel like their not progressing and don't have resources
  • Are wondering how will they create a career in fashion when they don't live in a state with a multitude of fashion resources at their disposal.

If that is you, you're in the right place. Let's learn, network, and create opportunities to thrive where we are.


I'm Dlang 

Meet Denisha "Dlang" Ferguson Creative Business Strategist & Fashion Designer


My name is Denisha, but I go by Dlang (da*lang),

I've had a strong passion for helping creators in fashion to release their creative genius and define their version of success. 

Over the last 20 years, I've been on a roller coaster to navigating through manufacturing, producing fashion shows and photoshoots and designing UnZIP Magazine. All while living in indiana and working full-time jobs, (in one area that I specially also love and that's research).

On this journey, I've learned alot of hard lessons, spent alot of money and time, but I also learned so much on what not to do and things to do, to turn ideas into a reality.

I'm excited you're here and I'm looking forward to being on this journey with you. It's amazing what you can accomplish, when you just start ~Dlang